Benny The Butcher vs Benny The Father | The Rap Dad's Show

Benny The Butcher vs Benny The Father | The Rap Dad's Show


Benny The Butcher, the acclaimed rapper from Buffalo, NY, takes a ride on the Rap Dads Sprinter to share intimate insights into his journey as a father. In this exclusive interview, Benny discusses the unique challenges and joys of being a stepfather, reflecting on the invaluable lessons inherited from his own father, and navigating the complexities of offering dating advice to his daughters.


🔥 Key Highlights from the Conversation:

Being a Stepfather: Benny opens up about his experiences and the profound impact of stepping into a fatherly role in his family dynamic.

Lessons from His Father: Delve into the wisdom passed down from Benny's father, shaping his approach to parenting and life.

Dating Advice for Daughters: Benny shares brilliant advice and insights on guiding his daughters through the vetting process.

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🌐 About The Rap Dads Show: Hosted by TV producer and author, Esteban Serrano, with executive production by the iconic Sway Calloway, The Rap Dads Show presents your favorite rap stars in their most pivotal role — as fathers. 🌟

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